A MultiNet serves as ‘container’ for different pandapipes & pandapower nets and coupling controllers. More precisely, it is an dictionary with attribute properties (ADict).

Usually, a multinet is a multi energy net with one net per energy carrier.

Create Function

An empty multinet is created with this function:

An existing pandapipes gas net or pandapower net can be added with this function:

The nets are stored with a unique key in a dictionary in multinet[‘nets’]. It is also possible to add multiple nets in a single step to the multinet:

>>> mn = create_empty_multinet()
>>> add_net_to_multinet(mn, net, "first_net_in_multinet")
>>> add_nets_to_multinet(mn, ("power_net1", net1), ("power_net2", net2), ("gas_net", net3)