Run a time series with multiple coupled networks

To run a coupled time series simulation, this function has to be called:

run_timeseries(multinet, time_steps=None, continue_on_divergence=False, verbose=True, **kwargs)

Time Series main function. Runs multiple run functions for each net in multinet. Within each time step several controller loops are conducted till all controllers and each net is converged. A normal pp.runpp/pps.pipeflow can be optionally replaced by other run functions by setting the run function in kwargs.

  • multinet (pandapipes.Multinet) – multinet with multinet controllers, net distinct controllers and several pandapipes/pandapower nets

  • time_steps (sequence of array_like, default: None) – the number of times a time series calculation shall be conducted

  • continue_on_divergence (bool, default: False) – What to do if loadflow/pipeflow is not converging, fires control_repair

  • verbose (bool, default: True) – prints progess bar or logger debug messages

  • kwargs (dict) – additional keyword arguments handed to each run function


runs the time series loop

Return type


Attention! The function called is not the function you find in pandapipes.timeseries.run_time_series, but the function you find in pandapipes.multinet.timeseries.run_time_series!

Further information on how to set up a time series simulation with a power and gas net is given in the second part of the tutorial coupled_nets_h2_p2g2p.ipynb.