The pandapipes toolbox is a collection of helper functions that are implemented for the pandapipes framework. It is designed for functions of common application that fit nowhere else. Have a look at the available functions to save yourself the effort of maybe implementing something twice. If you develop some functionality which could be interesting to other users as well and do not fit into one of the specialized packages, feel welcome to add your contribution.

There are many similarities to the pandapower toolbox functions (c.f. this chapter in the pandapower documentation), but not all functions are transferred to pandapipes. If you want to extend the toolbox, feel free to open a new pull request.


If you implement a function that might be useful for others, it is mandatory to add a short docstring to make browsing the toolbox practical. Ideally further comments if appropriate and a reference of authorship should be added as well.

General Issues

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Topology Modification

pandapower toolbox functions

Some toolbox functions can be used directly from pandapower, for example: