Collections for Plotting

Collections are a number of different symbols that can be plotted as a unit in matplotlib, which is very handy when plotting a large number of the same component, such as junctions in pandapipes. In order to create such collections for different components of a pandapipes network, there are some functions to be found in the plotting module of pandapipes.

Creating Collections

The following functions can be used to create collections for the most important components of a pandapipes network. Please note that some of these functions in fact return more than just one collection:

A bunch of standard collections can be created by create_simple_collections. If the collections should be plotted immediately, use simple_plot.

Drawing Collections

In order to draw a number of created collections, they can be added to a list and handed over to the function draw_collections() which is actually part of pandapower. It returns a matplotlib axes, which can be extended by using add_collections_to_axes().