Creating Fluids

Fluid from Library

In the fluid library some default fluids are already implemented. Currently it is possible to work with the default fluids:

  • hgas and lgas (high and low calorific natural gas),

  • hydrogen,

  • methane,

  • water,

  • biomethane_pure and biomathane_treated (see here for the compositions),

  • air.

The values are loaded from txt-files in the ‘pandapipes/properties/[fluid name]’ folder. One of these default fluids can be created and added to an existing network by calling the following function.

For fuel gases, the higher and lower heating value are loaded from the library as well. These heating values are not required for the pipe flow calculation but are helpful to calculate energy conversion, e.g. in coupled networks.

If only the fluid shall be retrieved without adding it to a specific network, the following function can be used.

Fluid from Parameters

Apart from the default fluids in the fluid library, there is the possibility to create a specific fluid from certain parameters, if they are all just constants.


This functionality is currently not well implemented and probably buggy!

Otherwise, it is also possible to add a number of properties (constant and linear) to an existing fluid in the net with the help of auxiliary functions:

>>> prop1 = pandapipes.create_constant_property(net, "density", 1000)
>>> prop2 = pandapipes.create_linear_property(net, "compressibility", -0.01, 1)