Running a Simulation

Before a controller simulation can be carried out, at least one controller must be defined for an element in the network. This is done using the base class Controller. With the command


a list of the controllers contained in net can be displayed.

To perform a simulation of the pandapipes network using controllers, the function run_control must be called. Internally, this function calls the control loop implemented in pandapower.

from pandapipes.control.run_control import run_control_ppipe
run_control(net, ctrl_variables=None, max_iter=30, **kwargs)

Function to run a control of the pandapipes network.

  • net (pandapipesNet) – The pandapipes network

  • ctrl_variables (dict, default None) – Used control variables. If None, default control variables are used.

  • max_iter (int, default 30) – Maximal amount of iterations

  • kwargs (dict) – Additional keyword arguments


No output