Empty Network

As the first step to create your own pandapipes network, you have to call the function create_empty_network(). This creates the pandapipesNet data structure which can then be filled with additional elements described in the following sections.

Create Function

create_empty_network(name='', fluid=None, add_stdtypes=True)

This function initializes the pandapipes datastructure.

  • name (string, default None) – Name for the network

  • fluid (Fluid or str, default None) – A fluid that can be added to the net from the start. Should be either of type Fluid (c.f. pandapipes.properties.fluids.Fluid) or a string which refers to a standard fluid type used to call create_fluid_from_lib. A fluid is required for pipeflow calculations, but can also be added later.

  • add_stdtypes (bool, default True) – Flag whether to add a dictionary of typical pump and pipe std types


net - pandapipesNet with empty tables

Return type


>>> net1 = create_empty_network("my_first_pandapipesNet", "lgas")
>>> net2 = create_empty_network()